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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Bellamys having a bad day. Watch her make it worse.

While packing upon being deported from the US, Bellamy calls her bank to transfer her funds back to England. But Sal, the customer service rep, puts Bellamy through every obstacle as she struggles to fold her fitted sheet.

As she fights with both Sal and her sheet, she remembers her girlfriend Val. Bellamy wanted to get married but Val wasnt ready, so Bellamy intentionally sabotaged her visa, getting herself deported, to f-rce Val to marry her. Unfortunately for Bellamy, Val got cold feet and ended the relationship. Bellamy made her bed. Now she's gotta lie in it.

Bellamy answers the age-old question, how to fold a fitted sheet, by ripping it in half.

Released:Mar 13, 2020
Length:8 mins.

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