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Male Shorts: International V3

The wildly popular international series from Breaking Glass Pictures continues with this third volume of short films! Male Shorts: International V3 features five shorts focusing on men, including Vanilla, LightRapping, Polaroid, Five Minutes a Day and My Brother. Each of the films are presented in their original language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German) with English subtitles.


Look around. Everything you see and touch can have the taste of Vanilla.


Gustavo is a photographer who captures the bodies of naked men in public spaces around Sao Paulo. One night, young Pedro follows him, curious and undecided about participating in the project or not. The city will witness their journey.


A Young man from Sicily goes back to Berlin in search of his one-time lover, only to find that he is really a family man who does not want to have anything more to do with the affair of the previous summer.

Five Minutes a Day

Jefferson and George are now sharing the same ceiling.

My Brother

Two brothers, Umberto and Stefano, have just moved into a new apartment, where they share the same bedroom. Since their mother is away, Stefano is f-rced to look after his younger brother, who is craving affection and contact.