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Shucking the Curve

Shucking the Curve HD View Boxcover

Starry-eyed, small town bankteller Suzanne Fountain (played by Bonnie Dickenson) sells her powder blue compact and moves to New York City, plummeting headlong into a twisted mid-NYC-summer nights wonderland of hipster wannabes, midnight rhinestone cowboys, ex-cheerleader shucksters, bisexual gigolos and dangerous, carrot be-wigged club kids! After a frantic apartment search which includes foot massages, Roswellian abduction art, free cocaine, vegetables and some very large urban koi, she settles into her new life in a Lower East Side art-cave with Titania (Tight for short- self-styled Queen of the Faeries played by Philly.)

In the hallway of this half-star establishment lives a kinda-homeless speedfreak rave-lette, Kathy, (Leanne Whitney,) a girl Suzanne soon comes to realize is very much like herself. Together they plunder the Port Authority, become fashion accessories to a pseudo-murder, dance away the mean reds and almost get discovered.

Paced at a crystal meth r.p.m., populated with familiar underground faces, Eric Sapp of Frisk, Little Shots of Happiness, Keith Levy a.k.a Sherry Vine of Scream Teen Scream!, Stonewall, Craig Chester of Swoon, Kiss Me Guido fame, Shucking the Curve is crazy-glued together by wild (and sometimes raw) improvisation, a soundtrack of ambient glitter, electronica riffs, Japanese pop and primal pretense art-noize and another fab award-winning Bonnie D. performance which begs and pleads the question: Do people move to New York City or does New York move into people?

Released:Apr 17, 2020
Director:Todd Verow
Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.

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