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V is for Violet

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Progressing from the mid-1950s to the late 1980s, V IS FOR VIOLET is the story of a young man dying of AIDS and an actress named Violet who may be the same person. He yearns for stardom and the city; she achieves both. Frenetic camera movement and editing dart among costumed women and male physiques in jockey shorts. Several young women discuss sex-work and produce sound effects with their paper dresses. (Their voices dubbed, sometimes in sync, but always at an emotional distance.) Groovy. A young man from a small town - only just come to the city to become a movie star-pants and gasps as he observes, "People are so friendly and nice...They just come up to you and give you money." Fast and furious, Verow constructs a youthful sexuality that samples everything. V IS FOR VIOLET moves to fast to live in the suburbs."

Released:Apr 18, 2020
Director:Todd Verow
Length:15 mins.

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