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Drag Heals Season 2

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Drag Heals is a hybrid stage workshop and documentary TV series that follows eight drag artists over an intensive ten day workshop to build their own show. In each workshop, a guest coach joins stage director Tracey Erin Smith in exploring soul-deep story sharing techniques as well as the unique talents and skills required from a drag performer.

The guest coaches include Leon Silvers, who developed drag therapy into a clinical practice, professional make-up artist Kosta MUA who helps refine and elevate the performers looks, a publicist who assists in crafting marketing and social media messaging to cultivate an audience, choreographer Jeff Dimitrios who brings the moves, and community mentors Flarington King, Titus Androgynous, Beardonc and Champagna who offer sage advice from their experience working as drag artists in Canada and around the world.

Over the course of the intensive workshops and story crafting, the participants dive deep into their personal lives to unearth lessons learned and bring them back to the audience as a gift. They are both the pirate and the pirated, the island and treasure. The resulting stories are emotional and cathartic, both for the drag artists and the audience who share in the experience.

Released:Oct 09, 2020
Length:4 hrs. 45 mins.

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