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Violet Tendencies

She is Manhattan's most fabulous Fruit Fly! At 40, Violet (beloved The Facts of Life star Mindy Cohn) is the racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends she always heads home alone. While her co-worker Riley struggles with his baby-crazy boyfriend Markus, and her roommate Luke tackles monogo-mania, Violet's romantic life is one big belly flop. Realizing she's at a certain age and still single, Violet is at a crossroads. In the fast pace of high fashion PR where she works, Riley tells her to seek out a straight male version of herself - the mythical "fag stag." But glamourous guru Salome gives her other advice. To nab a man, she insists, Violet must abandon her gay boys. When Violet arrives home from yet another disastrous date to find Luke has organized a gay sex party in her room, she decides Salome may be right. In order to get a prized man of her own, Violet strikes out on a hilarious quest to change the woman she is. Chasing love and lust at all costs, she may find them in the most unlikely of places.

Released:Jun 05, 2021
Length:1 hrs. 39 mins.
Categories:Comedy, Gay Icon, Romance

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