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A Four Letter Word

When Luke enters the gay bar flanked by his sidekicks, he doesnt know that he is about to meet his match - in hot macho man Stephen. Awakening in a twisted heap of naked strangers, Luke heads to work at a Chelsea sex store where he is f-rced to face his lifestyle by his co-worker Zeke, a confrontational gay crusader who will stop at nothing short of changing the world. Up the street, actor/waiter Peter is moving in with his boyfriend Derek. His restaurant boss Marilyn is maniacally planning her wedding, but when her AA sponsor, Trisha, declares her attraction, Marilyns sobriety and marriage may be in jeopardy. Smitten with Stephen, Luke considers giving monogamy a chance. He attends a sexual compulsives meeting and discovers he is not the only nympho in New York. Luke is falling for Stephen, but it soon turns out that Stephens cash doesnt flow from a trust fund, he works hard for his money as a hustler! A relationship between a playboy and a prostitute depends on whether that is the only secret Stephen is keeping. Among party boys, monogamists, addicts and activists, Lukes quest may unearth answers his heart is not ready to handle. Ultimately Luke and his friends realize that being true to yourself may be the best way to deal with a four letter word called love.

Released:Jun 06, 2021
Length:1 hrs. 26 mins.

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