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Womb Envy

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Max wakes up from a disoriented state to find he no longer has couvade syndrome and that Patrick is by his side. He starts stalling the conversation in hopes that Patrick will stay by his side, when Patrick opens up to him about how he got his visual disability to show Max that he trusts him and isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Dorothy tells Maggie that she went ahead and called Jessie, who is now at the hospital waiting to see his and Maggie's baby. Maggie is not impressed but agrees anyway. The Divine appears one last time to tell Max to never stop queering and live his life. After finding out Dorothy has blocked Max from visiting Maggie and the baby, Max and Patrick make their way down to the NICU where Maggie, Jessie and Dorothy are with the baby. Max and Maggie make eye contact through the glass window wondering where they go from here.

Released:May 10, 2023
Length:2 hrs. 44 mins.

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